Hers                 His
      X                       X
Bathing Suits    Bathing Suits
Underwear       Underwear
Slips                 Ties
Steamer            Tie Tack
Belts                  Belts
Sneakers          Sneakers
Dress Shoes      Dress Shoes
Sandles            Sleeping T-Shirts
Nighties            Pool T-Shirts
Shorts               Shorts
Casual Tops      Suits x 2
                        Blue Blazer
Travel Outfit      Travel Outfit
Sweater            Sweater
Stockings          Casual Slacks
Socks                Socks
Dresses             Toothbrush
Toothbrush        Binoculars
Toothpaste        Razors
Shavecream             Shavecream
Razors               Tickets
Suntan Lotion                   Passports or                     All meds                           Birth Certificates
Floss                  Money
Deoderant         Deoderant
Lip Saver          Snacks-Plane
Hairbrush          Tape - CD player
Combs               Tapes - CD's
Hairspray          Batteries
Hairgel              Hairdryer
Jewelry             Jewelry
Gym bag            Books
Old Glasses       Magazines
Sunglasses        Sunglasses
Motrin               Camera
Aspirin              Film
Exedrin             More Hers
Tums                 Kleenex
Stomach Med           Shampoo
Dramamine      Belly Bag
Bandaids          Mirror
Needle - Thread               Nail Polish
Scizzors            Nail Remover
Nail File            Skin Lotion
Tweezers          Face Lotion
Make-up            Beach Cover

When you start packing for your cruise, you will probably be undecided about what to bring, as my wife and I were on our first cruise. You're naturally going to think that if you don't take it, you're going to need it. Over packing always happens. We've found the list included to be very helpful whether the vacation is for a cruise or not.
On most cruises of 7 days, there will be two formal nights and sometimes a semi-formal night. On formal nights, the cruise you are on will suggest formal attire to wear in the dining room. First of all, the gentleman do not need to wear tuxedos. If you have one, and would like to wear it, you will be in good company and will look great. On Princess, Royal Caribbean, and Carnival, I would estimate that only about 20-25% of the men on the ship actually wear them. About 70-75% wear suits and about 5% don't dress up at all. There are always a few on the ship that put their foot down and will not dress up. Therefore, they can not expect to be admitted to the dining room. There are other dining options available for those who would like to dine away from the formal dining room. The ladies dress up very fancy. Cocktail dresses are suggested for women, but that is not set in stone. I always tell people who ask, that on formal nights, you wear what you would wear to a wedding. On the other five casual nights, you wear what you would wear to church. Basically, if you dress nice, you will look just like everyone else. Personally I pack two suits (one will due if that is what you have) and a sport jacket for semi formal night. I also pack 3 pairs of slacks, some to be worn twice for the other nights. I bring 5 or 6 shirts for the casual nights. My wife packs 2 long or short formal dresses, a jean skirt to wear with a sweater set for country western night (we don't dance), a flowered dress for island night, and casual slacks and tops for the other nights. Try to find things to bring that do not wrinkle badly. Sweaters are suggested for the evening in case it's cool because of air conditioning.
For the daytime, you may dress as casual as you want. On the days at sea in the caribbean, I usually wear my swim suit and a t-shirt. You'll find that there is almost no dress code then. The only time that you'll need to dress in anything else, is if you want to go and eat lunch in the dining room. There, shorts and a t-shirt are fine for the guys and shorts and top over you bathing suit are fine for the gals. Most people opt for the cafe

      where rules are very relaxed for dress. The ship may suggest a coverup, but I've never seen anyone bothered who walks in there in their bikini. No problem with me either!  Shorts and bathing suits are the rule of every day whether you are in port or at sea. Be comfortable!
What to Pack?
Passport or Birth Certificate?

Yes, you'll need one. Due to hightened sucurity around the world, immigration requires that US citizens carry one when flying or cruising to most other countries.
Cruise Insurance?
Personally, I rarely purchase it, but many cruisers buy it for peace of mind. There are several different policies, but basically it's insurance that will cover several things such as the cost of your cruise if you can't go. Examples are, a death in the immediate family or if you or your traveling companion are ill or injured and can't go. It also will reimburse the unused portion of your cruise if the previous examples happen while on the cruise. Some policies cover up to $500 for additional expenses if you miss the departure for covered carrier caused delays. This would include meals, acommodations, and catch-up transportation expenses. The insurance also  includes baggage protection if they are lost or stolen, Medical Expense Coverage, and Emergency Evacuation. Some policies cover $10,000 or more in medical expenses should you become sick or injured during your cruise. Some policies will also cover up to $30,000 for Emergency Evacuation in the event that air or ground transportation is required for specialized treatment or return home.
Travel insurance is very affordable. Insurance cost is dependant on the cost of your vacation. Royal Caribbean charges around $79 pp for a cruise costing $2000. The nice thing about Royal Caribbean insurance is that you can cancel for any reason and receive 75% credit toward a future cruise.  If you are elderly, or in poor health, or other reasons, it may be in your best interest to purchase. All the cruise agencies and cruise lines have their own suggested plans that are offered.
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Happy Cruising, Mike
Packing For Your Cruise